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Site: All activities are held at the Antioch Community Center Gym located at 4703 Lone Tree Way in Antioch, California.


Equipment: We provide the balls and net system. You don't need to bring anything extra.

Climate Control: The Antioch Community Center Gym is climate controlled, meaning it has air in the summer and heat in the winter.

iPlay Staff/Coaches: Our coaches have planned practices based on the skill levels in the group. Each coach has prior volleyball experience, as well as experience working with kids. Since we provide all the coaching, you don't need to volunteer as a coach!

When to Arrive: On the first day of the session, please arrive 15 minutes early to check in; the remainder of the time please arrive on time.

What to Wear: We recommend shorts and a t-shirt with athletic shoes with non-marking soles. Knee pads are optional.

What to Bring: Bring a water bottle and a snack if you will need one during the 90-minute session.

Pick Up After Sessions: Please be inside the Antioch Community Center Gym to pick up players under 12 years old. We encourage all players to wait inside the glass double doors for their rides.

During Sessions: We welcome you to stay and watch our child learn skills and play volleyball, however only coaches and players are allowed on the court.

Parking: There is plenty of well-lit parking available.

Personal Warm-ups/Court Set up: the Antioch Community Center Gym hosts other sports as well as volleyball.  Volleyball poles and nets take 8-10 minutes to set up. The staff will quickly set up the equipment, and during this time the players are allowed to take the court for a pers
onal warm-up time.

Questions: Contact Tina Briggs, iPlay Co-Director
Call or Text: (925) 642-1445, E-mail:

AAU Membersip: The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) is a sports insurance and promotion organization. AAU membership is required for each player and coach. AAU is the insurance carrier of iPaly Volleyball.  AAU will not allow iPlay to include the AAU Membership fee as part of our player fee, therefore it is an additional fee. AAU memberships are for one year (September 1-August 31) and each year you are required to purchase a new membership.

Skills Clinics: The first practice is designed as Skill Clinics for all the players. Over the 90 minutes practices the players are taught the basics: serving, hitting, passing, setting and footwork.

Evaluations: On evaluation days the players registered for Rookie/Power/Select will be evaluated on basic skills for their division placement. Prep players are not evaluated.

Divisions: Each division is created to get the best possible learning experience for the players.
• Prep: designed for 2-4 th graders with little or no experience with volleyball. The net is a foot lower than regulation, the ball is lighter and the instruction structured for the youngest players.

• Rookie: designed for 5-9th graders with little or no experience with volleyball. The net is regulation, the ball is lighter, and the instruction is basic.

• Power: designed for 7-10th graders with some previous experience with volleyball. The net and ball are regulation, and instruction is basic but faster than the other divisions.

• Select: designed for 9-12th graders with some previous experience with volleyball. The net and ball are regulation, and instruction is equal it high school level.

T-Shirts: Each player will get an iPlay t-shirt in the 3rd week The cost of t-shirts are included in the fee.

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